Monday, February 15, 2010

Review, micro: Multiple Choice Dragon Game | Choice of the Dragon

This is a multiple choice game, and as it says in it's 'why' section, it basically gets down to what's 'meaningful' instead of dithering around with choosing either a bonus to str or a bonus to dex. It cuts to real choices instead of choices which are like choosing whether you have fuzzy dice in your car or not.

Now by real choices I mean what the author thinks is a real and meaningful choice. So basically these questions are from the authors own personal sense of what's important - you have to realise it's partly a conversation. Though I'm not sure the author realises this - they seemed to think they were giving meaningful choices as if they are meaningful by galactic standards, rather than their own person standard.

That said, this will provoke you with questions/choices that you just don't find in dozens of other games.

On the other hand, I found it emotionally wearying - I'd choose stuff, and it led to more stuff, and more stuff, and onward. It started wearing me out and I could see no end to it, so I didn't finish it. I think if it had some sort of meter of progress I could have sucked my guts in and made it. But otherwise it was too much for me...maybe I'll come back to it latter.

Also the choices don't seem to really follow any theme. Again I didn't feel I was progressing toward any sort of conclusion - it just seem to be interesting yet random choices thrown at me.

Also sometimes none of the choices really suited the dragon I wanted to play. But I could imagine doing one for certain reasons, and the game didn't conflict with my certain reasons. So that's fairly smooth.

But in the end this little gem, in terms of really presenting you with meaty choices, kicks arse over tons of games (particularly commercial ones) you'll find out there.

And hey, you just might like being a dragon!

Multiple Choice Dragon Game | Choice of the Dragon

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