Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mini Review: Desktop Dungeons

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I don't get this game.

It's like it almost makes a resource management puzzle - it has all the components to do that...but kind of fails to actually have a solution each time, when it is so close to being really good at that. It has random number grinding  instead, where you'll be doing alot of pointless busy work clicking in between each random chance at getting through.

I guess it's an evolutionary stage between random crap happening and sold resource puzzle, and the gill lines are still quite visible on the neck so to speak...

Yet other people rave about it, and even support the whole solitaire like play (ie, where you'll be randomly blocked).

I have to admit I am interested in seeing a complete pattern happen, but that could happen with the game actually setting one up rather than waiting for one to randomly be available.

A literal time waster, most of the time, right now.

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